LES Support and Maintenance Options


We recognize the critical importance of keeping your systems up and running. We have a proven record of servicing various security, audio/video, data and communication systems and welcome the opportunity to offer you the required level of support you need.


Unlimited Telephone Support

 Unlimited telephone and on-line support is available Monday through Friday during normal business hours (9AM to 5PM EST) to address maintenance issues. Luxury Entertainment Systems will attempt to assist you in isolating and resolving any system maintenance problems. If the problem cannot be resolved over the phone, we will schedule an on-site service call. Options are available for on-site service calls as well as after hour calls 

Preventative Maintenance Visits

 We offer preventative maintenance inspections based upon your facility’s requirements. We perform these inspections around your schedule during normal business hours and on a routine schedule. These visits are designed to diagnose a situation before it becomes a problem and interrupts the operation of your system. We will perform inspections, cleanings and adjustments as applicable, in accordance with manufacturer’s specifications. 

Remote Programming & Support

 Many of the products and systems we install have Internet Connectivity. This allows us the opportunity to offer assistance and make changes in real-time. This level of service is recommended for those clients that require the quickest response times. Not all systems come standard with Internet Connectivity, so we recommend that you inquire about the necessary components needed to complete this type of installation. 

Equipment Loaners

 When uptime is critical, consider taking advantage of one of our Loaner or Hot Swap programs. These programs can provide a replacement unit almost immediately when you experience a damaged unit or unit failure. Programs can be designed for entire systems on one crucial component depending upon the system requirements.